Bandage Testing

The SMTL are UKAS accredited for the testing of extensible bandage to the British Standard BS 7505:1995 Specification for the elastic properties of flat, non- adhesive, extensible fabric bandages.

This method may be used to characterise extensible bandages and predict their ability to safely apply and maintain predetermined levels of compression on limbs of known dimensions. In particular, the test;

  • Gives an indication of the degree of extension required to produce a predetermined level of compression.
  • Determines the change in bandage tension (and hence sub-bandage pressure) that will occur as a result of small changes in limb circumference when the bandage is applied at the recommended extension.
  • Provides assurance that when applied correctly, pressures greatly in excess of the target levels will not develop beneath the bandage in normal use.

Using the test method, bandages may be classified into three distinct groups which have fairly precise clinical indications. They are conforming/retention (Type 1), light support (Type 2), and the provision of varying degrees of compression (Type 3).

To read more about the different classifications of bandages, see here:

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

If you wish to commission testing of your extensible bandages so that you can demonstrate compliance with the British Standard BS 7505 then contact the SMTL.

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