TYPE 3 - Compression Bandages

Compression implies the deliberate application of pressure and is most commonly employed to control oedema and reduce swelling in the treatment of venous disorders of the lower limb. Within the classification system, compression bandages have been divided into four groups according to their ability to produce predetermined levels of compression.

Type 3a: Light compression bandages

Light compression bandages such as K-Plus - Parema, and Tensolastic, are able to provide and maintain low levels of pressure, up to 20 mmHg on an ankle of average dimensions. The clinical indications for products of this type include the management of superficial or early varices, and varicosis formed during pregnancy. In general, they are not suitable for controlling or reducing existing oedema, or for applying even low levels of pressure to very large limbs.

Type 3b: Moderate compression bandages

Moderate compression bandages may be used to apply compression in the order of 30 mmHg on an ankle of average dimensions. They are indicated for the treatment of varicosis during pregnancy, varices of medium severity, the prevention and treatment of ulcers and the control of mild oedema.

Type 3c: High compression bandages

High compression bandages may be used to apply high levels of compression in the order of 40 mmHg on an ankle of average dimensions. Indications for these bandages include the treatment of gross varices, post-thrombotic venous insufficiency, and the management of leg ulcers and gross oedema in limbs of average circumference. Products in this category are not necessarily able to achieve these levels of pressure on very large limbs that have been further enlarged by the presence of oedema. Examples include Tensopress, Setopress and Surepress.

Type 3d: Extra-high performance compression bandages

Extra-high performance compression bandages are capable of applying pressures in excess of 50 mmHg. The power in the bandages is such that they can be expected to apply and sustain these pressures on even the largest and most oedematous limbs for extended periods of time. This group includes Elastic Web Bandage BP (Blue Line Webbing) and Varico Bandage.

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