In conjunction with our local Radiology team, SMTL are able to test swabs to British Pharmacopoeia 1993 Volume II - "X-Ray Detectable Gauze Swab, Appendix XX R".

We can also arrange testing using X-Ray image intensifiers as highlighted in the British Journal of Peri-operative Nursing (JPP), Vol 15, No 11, 495-499.


 xrd PID 4894 image inten 70kvp resize



In this test, the sample is placed onto the base plate of the imaging machine and a surrogate patient (30mm thickness plate of 99% pure aluminium) is positioned on top of the sample. X-ray digital images are taken using the emission exposures typically used for hand (53KVp 2.5mAS) and abdominal (71KVp 1.25mAS) scans.

For X-ray image intensifier scans, the exposure is automatically selected by the machine.







We may also be able to assess the samples using body phantoms. However, this will depend on availability in the department at the time of testing.


 xrd PID 4894 x ray abdo phantom resize 70kvp    xrd PID 4894 image inten abdo phant 70kvp resize


If you wish to commission testing of gauze swabs for xray detectability, then contact the SMTL:

Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory, Princess of Wales Hospital, Coity Road, Bridgend, UK, CF31 1RQ.

Tel: +44 (0) 1656 752820

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