The SMTL have developed the following in-house wound dressing test methods:

  • WRAP Dynamic Fluid Handling Capacity Testing
  • The apparatus was designed to mimic a clinical situation and therefore, basic predictions can be made about the likely wear time of dressings on different types of wounds. This quantitative method allows the measurements of absorbency, moisture vapour transmission with or without the application of pressure, and is the first method which can be used to compare the fluid handling properties of different families of wound dressings such as alginates, hydrocolloids, foams, sheet hydrogels and amorphous hydrogels.

  • Bacterial and Viral Barrier Testing
  • The SMTL have developed apparatus to assess the ability of wound dressings to act as a biological barrier. The method can be run over a number of weeks and therefore barrier properties over clinical wear time can be assessed.
  • Anti-Microbiological Testing
  • The SMTL offer numerous test methods to assess the anti-microbial properties of wound dressings which are based on the release mechanism of the anti-microbial compound.
  • Wound Bed Adherency Testing
  • The SMTL in conjunction with Surgical Dressings Manufacturers Association (SDMA) Working Groups have developed a test to assess the forces exerted during removal of adherent wound dressings from a simulated wound bed.
  • Fluid Retention Capacity
  • Methodologies developed to assess the capacity of wound dressings to retain absorbed exudate under compression.
  • Wicking absorbency
  • This method assess the ability of artificial exudate to wick through a wound dressing.
  • Odour Absorption
  • Although there is a European Standard for odour absorption there are limitations with this method as few laboratories have the necessary apparatus to perform the testing and also the dressings are tested in a dry state. The SMTL have developed a test system to assess the odour absorption capabilities of wound dressings tested in their wet state.


and many more.....

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