Environmental monitoring encompasses a range of test methods to identify and understand the microbial environment that exists within any given manufacturing process.

SMTL hold UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accreditation for the testing of controlled clean rooms and can offer classification of clean rooms to national and international standards as well as current guidance to good manufacturing practice (GMP).

SMTL have over 30 years experience in the field of environmental monitoring and have provided services to pharmaceutical manufacturing units, operating theatres and hospital sterile services. All tests are carried out by trained, responsible, competent and flexible staff working to documented test procedures to meet today's environmental legislation.

SMTL can provide both physical measurement (particulate concentration & air flows), and also microbiological monitoring (active air & surface monitoring) to ensure continued compliance with any required standards.

SMTL provide expert consultancy for all your cleanroom requirements. From unexpected results and assistance with documentation, to guidance with room designs and work flows, we work hard for our clients in order for them to achieve the highest standards attainable,


SMTL environmental monitoring services :

  • Measurement of air velocities and air change rates in clean rooms and clean air devices

  • Measurement of airborne particles

  • Microbial airborne contamination

  • Microbial surface sampling

  • Identification of microbial contaminants

  • Complete QA package, advice and consultation


Standard Tests:

BS EN ISO 14644Particle Monitoring;

Eudralex volume 4 annex 1Active Air & Surface Microbiological Testing.

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