The Total Viable Count (TVC) test is used to determine the total number of viable micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts and molds) present in a sample.

The SMTL are UKAS accredited for TVC testing of fluids

Suitable test samples include potable or process water, aqueous solutions and concentrated liquids or powders for reconstitution with water or other aqueous diluents.

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Relevant Standards

  • ISO 15883-1
  • Pharmacopoeia Methodstvc-filter
  • HTM (0101 & 0106)
  • WHTM (0101 & 0106) methods


SMTL staff have extensive experience in this area, providing regular TVC testing of final rinse water for Hospital Endoscopy and Sterile Service Departments and Industry.

Regulatory authorities state that, if water samples are not tested within four hours of collection, they must be stored at 2-5 °C and tested within 48 hours. SMTL are able to supply suitable containers for transporting test samples to clients upon request. 

If required, provisional reports can be sent to clients as soon as the results are available, enabling them to take appropriate action if necessary.

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