Disposable pulp products for use in healthcare

The SMTL now have the ability to test disposable pulp products in accordance with BSI Product Assessment Specification PAS 29:1999 Disposable pulp products for use in healthcare.

Pulp disposable products are made by the extraction of water from a suspension of cellulose fibres, and are used ubiquitously in healthcare as bedpans, bottles, bowls, trays, jugs etc.  These single use medical devices are designed to be capable of containing water and/or human waste, and following use to be disposed using standard hospital disposal procedures.

The PAS 29 specifies testing to assess the water retention capability of disposable pulp products over a four hour test period and also establish the effective maceration of pulp products for disposal into the sewerage system.

PAS 29 is intended for use in manufacturing and as such samples are expected to be randomly selected from the production line at hourly (water retention) or four hourly (macerator) intervals.  Procurement organisations often require manufacturers to provide independent evidence of their compliance to PAS 29, and therefore the SMTL can discuss selection and sampling criteria for devices to be forwarded to the laboratory to independent testing.

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