Defect/Incident Investigation

SMTL undertake a range of defect and incident investigative work.

Defect Investigation for the Welsh NHS

SMTL are funded to provide a defect investigation service for the Welsh NHS.

SMTL is the defect reporting centre for disposables for Wales. We receive between 200-300 defect reports a year ranging from simple labelling defects through to potentially life threatening defects. Procedures for carrying out defect reporting are documented in the WAG guidance MDA/2004/054 (Wales) and subsequent amendments.

Incident Investigation

SMTL also provide an incident investigation service for the NHS, which has included:

  • Identification of material found in patients after operations;
  • Examination and testing of feeding tubes for the police, where there was a suspicion of tampering;

If you have an incident where you think that SMTL testing may help, please contact us.

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