SMTL OCP and Staff News

During the pandemic, SMTL tested medical devices & PPE products at an unprecedented level.  The demand for SMTL post-pandemic continues at a high level which has stretched the laboratory services.  Together with impending staff retirements these situations have highlighted the requirement to reevaluate our service and structure.

SMTL senior team have been working closely with NWSSP People and Organisational Development colleagues on an Organisational Change Process (OCP) to develop a structure that ensures resilience of the laboratory as well as supporting future development, both in terms of capacity and breadth of service.  We are pleased to announce that the OCP has been completed and a number of new appointments have been made.

Dr Gavin Hughes has succeeded Pete Phillips and been appointed Director for SMTL services from his previous deputy role. Gavin succeeds Pete Phillips who has semi-retired and has taken on a part time Technical Director role.

Louise Barry has been appointed as Technical Manager for Physical Testing and Dr James Evans takes on a new role of Research and Development Manager.  Matthew Alderman’s role as Operations Manager has developed into a wider encompassing position to include managing SMTL’s strategic and operational direction.

At Easter we said goodbye to Claudia Padurariu who secured a position in a laboratory closer to her home in Cardiff, and we wish her the very best in her new role.  We are happy to welcome Conciliah Mofokeng to SMTL’s Biological Testing Department as Claudia’s replacement. Conciliah joins us after completing an MSc in Public Health and Health Promotion from Swansea University.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the new appointments at SMTL.

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