Pete Phillips and James Evans were  invited to the 10th RCSEd All Wales Medical & Dental Student Surgical Research symposium at Margam Orangery in October 2019 to judge poster and oral presentations and to present the SMTL award for best science presentation.  

The winner this year was Alilish Williams from the School of Dentistry, Cardiff University,  for her poster on "Immunohistochemical Expression Patterns of Inflammatory Cells Involved in Chronic Hyperplastic Candidosis"

Understanding the host immune response in CHC is important as CHC is potentially a pre-malignant condition, and this information could serve as both a diagnostic tool for CHC and could also allow the monitoring of the host for potential immune factors associated with CHC. Ailish's research showed that CHC was shown to predominantly be a T-helper cell response in the lamina propria, as opposed to a cytotoxic T cell response.

Ailish Williams receives her SMTL Good Science Award


The photo shows Pete Phillips, Director of SMTL, handing Ailish her award trophy


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